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I really liked hiking with these guys! They are not only knowledgeable about the place but are funny too. I went for a hike to Karotha village and I loved it  if you have the chance then I will definitely recommend you to hike with them!! Thanks for everything guys. See you next time! 😚😚

Karina Rose

Had a great time with these guys on an off-season day trek arranged through my hotel; they were really flexible around what I wanted to see/do and kept at a pace I was comfortable with. It was just me on the tour and I felt safe and well looked after the whole time - can't wait to go back for more adventures and to see more of the stunning locale: highly recommend!

Hannah Ace

Great way to see the beautiful mountains. I highly recommend people to try if they get the chance. They offer trails that are easy/moderate that most people could complete. The view at the top is gorgeous and worth every step. Just to watch the sunrise is enough to convince me to go again.

Anne Markland

Abi and his colleagues took us on a very (and I mean 'very') steep trek but it was so worth it when we got to the top; an amazing view and a campsite all to ourselves. We set up the tents, collected wood and helped prepare the vegetables for a sumptuous dinner. We sat round the campfire, ate, drank and soaked up the atmosphere. Slept extremely well as could be expected. A gorgeous sunrise, the tastiest breakfast I have ever eaten and I made my way back down with one of Abi's team. Wonderful weekend. I also went paragliding with MadTrek and that was excellent too.

Tushar Kaushal

U guys made me believe that really heaven is all myth Dharamshala is the truth ! The trip I had with u guys was just so amazing ! I think ur team specially this guy" Suresh Bhardwaj " all are so friendly ! I just loved my trip ! I would like to trek with you guys again !

Deborah Bernard

The guys were great at setting up this trip to Triund for us. And picked a good day for us to go despite it being monsoon season. We got moderately wet on the way up but the weather cleared on arrival at the camp and the sunset was absolutely stunning. Sunrise the next morning was pretty special too. There were 3 guides to our group of 7 which meant everyone could go at their own pace. The hike is hugely popular and there are a lot of people at the campsite so its worth going higher to Snowline or beyond. The number of people at the camp does also mean its pretty muddy during the wet season. MadTrek provided walking poles and ponchos, plus all the camping gear, meals and water for the day so all we needed to take was a change of clothes and a warm jumper for the night. I highly recommend using MadTrek if you want to do this hike and had a been there longer I would have loved to do something with them a little more out in the wilds.

Tim Ginley

"So spent 12 hours in the Himalayans yesterday. It was a long arduous hike but we never reached the icefields as expected. A late start, maybe. On our way, we ate in a wonderfully old herder's shelter and slept under a blanket of stars. And in our wanderings, we met wonderful herders, drank their chai, ate their curry, and smoked their beedis. Curry on a dirt floor with only your hands to feed you tastes and consumes you like mana. What gorgeous uncompromising land worked by gorgeous uncompromising people. Next afternoon when we prepared to turn around as clouds were coming in fast, we stopped for water only but was offered food as well. This herder's door and hospitality opened wide. It was a moment that lives in a truth too easily missed. When you don't reach the destination you expect but instead reach a destination that is offered graciously, you realize the "planned" destination is never the point. The right destination is the one you find when it finds you, plans come and go. It's what in front of you and the journey getting there that matters. As John Lennon wrote: Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans."

For these reasons I strongly suggest when you are in the Dharamsala area and want to get away from the clamour and clang of your average Indian day get in touch with MadTrek. Abhinav Verma is as nice a guy as you could want leading you through the high country.

Debika Chakraborty

Recently i went with my office team for Triund trek with MadTrek and they are really awesome people. Kailash (one of the owners of MadTrek) was undoubtedly a great climbing guide & a good person. I couldn't have made it to the top without his constant support....He stayed with me almost every step even though i was way behind...& never once did he showed reluctance....He kept me going by distracting me from the struggle i was facing with lot of stories (some scary :) ) & discussion....Thank you Kailash. Also the food they cooked was really tasty.....then tents were good & the sleeping bags were clean & comfortable (ya i did have my doubts before about the cleanliness)....but they definitely excelled beyond our expectations....even the young guide on our way down was really helpful & supportive...he was willing to help out carrying the luggage if anyone faced issue...the base camp rest house was also comfortable with a beautiful view....Overall great service...good food & accommodation...awesome people these MadTrek guys.... Ya i can definitely think of attempting another Trek with them....they are definitely the best Trekking partners... Thumbs UP guys...keep up the good work.

Suranjana Endow

My two friends and I went on a jeep safari with MadTrek Adventures as well as camped, nestled in the mountains of Dharamshala, in May 2016.

To start with, they are a very nice set of people. They went beyond our travel plans with them, to enquire if we are good with our accommodations or if we require a change for the better (given that they know the place way better than tourists do).

Abhinav, one of the founders took us around Dharamshala, to the various monastries, art galleries, and an institue ( Norbulingka) where Tibetan culture harps. After a content lunch, we made way for the rocky mountains high up to bask in the cold yet pleasant water of one of the waterfalls. The feel that MadTrek created by laying out chairs, with a dose of tea/juice and bread pakoras was amazing. Efforts were taken to not litter the place, maintain sanctity of nature. My friend took a dip, accompanied by Kailash(co founder) and we lived a joyous moment beneath the blue sky.

The next day we went camping higher up, the road was steep, but they provided hiking poles and guided us up. On the way, they introduced us to wild strawberries and several herbs that the local people put in their food. The camping spot was lush green with a view of the snow capped mountains in the distance. It was picturesque, non commercialized and most importantly non-polluted. With the advent of dusk, we set up tents, saw the sunset, the sky get all starry, set up the bonfire. Mithu and Jitender our cook, took good care and the food cooked by Jitender was delicious.

Such was the experience, that back in the plains, you could have the mountain blues. :)

Aashima Bhalla

Trekked with full zest on the untrod-den path, heard the silent melody of trees n the whispering pines, camped n experienced how it's like to sleep like a baby under a star filled sky, devoured the local delicacies, the taste of which is still stuck to our tongues..yess that sums up our escapade this season to the serene valley of Lunta. Big thanks to the team of MadTrek Adventures for a mesmerizing experience in the lap of nature....

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