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January 24, 2016

Hike to Oat – Outdoor Recreation | Dharamshala

We’re running out of time, reaching base camp is one thing, next we’ve to pitch two tents and also need water & wood for the dinner. They immediately went up and start chopping dried branches of trees to get some fire wood. I & Kailash start preparing for tent pitching. Everyone should learn how to pitch the tent, Kailash shows me how to pitch the tent. MadTrek Adventures are using Quechua Tents for the camping. On the campsite, MadTrek Adventures built one Mud house to boost Eco-tourism, if you’re afraid to spend night outside in the wild. You can sleep in the Mud house. Mountains weather are unpredictable, the weather turns once again, now it’s start drizzling. During that period, Mithu & Jitendar done with the water & wood and they’ve prepared tea for us.
September 20, 2015
bhagda campsite, madtrek adventures

Reasons That Can Make You Visit Bhagda

Every time I visit the mountains, they tend to develop a deeper relationship with me. Calling me closer, making me feel more comfortable – like a kid in the parents’ lap, who is scared when it’s dark outside. In the deep dark, the mountains made me see the glittering world on the other side. By the lonely shore, my heart sang prayers to the universe and the wind echoed, kissing me on my cheeks.